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Space Cadet Theature [entries|friends|calendar]

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[07 Aug 2005|05:16am]
[ mood | hungry ]

I went to Mars VOlta with System of a Down...then I saw a bunch of people I know do tweak.....just from hanging with them I can't go to sleep.. the days keep getting stranger. I want to escape with my long lost Love. I lost her in a battle of prehistorical metaphorical miscommunitcation. I like the Ground Zero venue...it totally personifies East County.. It screams "Hello, welcome to the Ground Zero of Scum". Adieu.

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[08 Apr 2005|11:09pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Yea, it is Friday Adam and I walked around in the canyon today. We took 4 little baby frogs and moved them down the stream to another pond that had only tadpoles in it. Now those frogs are the kings of the south pond. They will lavish in a great ecosystem consisting of water beatles, insects, green floating scum, and shit like that. Our job was mega tight.

I sat home all night working on the computer because I have a new computer program and no directions so I must logically and mathematically discount any alternate routes of conjunction between facilitation departments(in this program). I make mad beats yo. I stayed home all day and night because my Lover had to stay home, my friends are all drug users, my other friend prefers the company of a person who deosn't think about sex all the time...and...oh yes I have a flat tire.

what the fuck else you ask? I hoped it would rain all day and I got my wish. Today was national fuck day...I managed to keep my cock in my pants. I think I am going to go get inked up soon. A nice treble clef on my V thingy.

Friends and aquaintences...if someone tells you they love you and that your souls attract like magnets and then they never pick up the phone or call you....what does that mean? Because in my mind they are either scum or just too busy...

welllll leave comments and stay awesome.


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qwerty asdfgh [13 Feb 2005|12:05am]
A lot has happened since I last updated, I dont really know if anybody cares...I highly doubt they do... I have a studio now and a band..maybe even a girlfriend..but G-d knows more about that than I do. Bright Eyes was awesome, and I was happily reminded that artists really do float above all the other people who drool and conform to the artists version of reality. The whole process of -you hating me for loving your hate- makes life a little bit more...how do you say..lively. Television still sucks balls and the rain is putting a damper on much except my sex drive. The Blood Bro's show is tomorrow and I don't have a ticket, I will be there anyways..rum in hand. There is a lot more to it than meets the eye. Oh yeah Grossmont College is sickcompared to the bunch of Yokel's at Cuyamaca. I'm glad, at least Grossmont's Yokel's are balanced out by other minorities and hot asians. I guess I will climb into my empty bed. all the while wishing I was being straddled by a young woman with an old soul. Peace.
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hmm.. [26 Dec 2004|02:29pm]
[ mood | happy ]

I havent' updated in a while, these past weeks have been quite fun! Adam roomed with my for a couple days and we got some painting done, Vomit Cult is up and running from the good work Chris has put in. Last night was Christmas, Chris and I had a bon fire with booz..it was fun. My mom called me yesterday saying she would buy me a puppy for lesson in responsibility. Sounded good to me, ive been wanting my own dog for a while..hes gonna be super smart..chick magnet. hmm what else...im quitting the ugly habit known as cigarette smoking. I will replace that time with reading more, and diving into myself...all this time I have been exploring the infinite outside instead of looking inside..so im looking forward to lots of growth. The year ahead is going to hold such great momments and lessons, even with all the shit going on around..the best thing to do is know your path and head out on your journey. Trying to save the world is a romantic ideal...but now I get how old people are so mundane....they have realized they can't save it. My music will keep the fire bright enough.. and even if you(whoever) are reading this thinking "whatever" or..how cliche....I hope you(everyone) has a great holiday season and New Year. Seriously. Much Love, Peace.

Jesus rocks...sorry if you don't get the big picture.


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Mushrooms trip: Verified [04 Dec 2004|03:18pm]
dellusion is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator
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[16 Nov 2004|12:09am]
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[07 Nov 2004|06:24pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

Last night was insane as usual..went to see the plot with some friends...ended up being the usual complications of drugs and misled children. This game lacks rules of collapse...
..all worth the struggle in that momment of clarity.
Today was pretty boring, alas, I have conquered my fear of singing..so I guess this is the begining...hope it bring someone hope..cuz I know where my grave will meet me...

"life is all about choice, i could fucking choose to see what car this fucker gets in and choose to kill him and take it..."but I choose not to because I dont want to go to jail"...."that car fucking sucks anyway..I just saved your life buddy!". thanks Eddie. some how that reasures me and scares me to death.


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[22 Oct 2004|11:48pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

Played out repeat symptoms,
chrusades of man.
Godless infantry casualties-
slip cover greens,obscuring-

I don't want to hear it, she plastered ripped hair/lenoleaum curtails.

bobble weaving, flex her gripped sanction/festering~beauty of imanigable proportional feats/ Up on the sanctity~among flies in self salvation sellatism.
twas' quite some time before she felt the fall.



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[19 Oct 2004|03:17pm]
How dare the robins sing,
When men and women hear
Who since they went to their account
Have settled with the year!-
Paid all that life had earned
In one consummate bill,
And now, what life or death can do
Is immaterial
Insulting is the sun
To him whose mortal light
Beguiled of immortality,
Bequeths him to the night.
In deference to him
Extinct be every hum,
Whose garden wrestles with the dew
At daybreak overcome!

Emily Dickenson
Scream Aloud

rocks the socks. [18 Oct 2004|02:51am]
Turn the lights down
Way down low
Turn up the music
Hi as fi can go
All the gang´s here
Everyone you know
It´s a crazy scene
Hey there just look over your shoulder
Get the picture?
No no no no .......(yes)
Walk a tightrope
Your life-sign-line
Such a bright hope
Right place, right time
What´s your number?
Never you mind
Take a powder
But hang on a minute what´s coming round the corner?
Have you a future?
No no no no .......(yes)
Well i´ve been up all night again
Party-time wasting is too much fun
Then I step back thinking
Of life´s inner meaning
And my latest fling
It´s the same old story
All love and glory
It´s a pantomime
If you’re looking for love
In a looking glass world
It’s pretty hard to find
Oh mother of pearl
I wouldn’t trade you
For another girl
Divine intervention
Always my intention
So I take my time
I´ve been looking for something
I’ve always wanted
But was never mine
But now I’ve seen that something
Just out of reach - glowing -
Very holy grail
Oh mother of pearl
Lustrous lady
Of a sacred world
Thus: even zarathustra
Could believe in you
With every goddess a let down
Every idol a bring down
It gets you down
But the search for perfection
Your own predilection
Goes on and on and on and on
Canadian club love
A place in the country
Everyone’s ideal
But you are my favorita
And a place in your heart dear
Makes me feel more real
Oh mother of pearl
I wouldn’t change you
For the whole world
You’re highbrow, holy
With lots of soul
Melancholy shimmering
Serpentine sleekness
Was always my weakness
Like a simple tune
But no dilettante
Filigree fancy
Beats the plastic you
Career girl cover
Exposed and another
Slips right into-view
Oh looking for love
In a looking glass world
Is pretty hard for you
Few throwaway kisses
The boomerang misses
Spin round and round
Fall on featherbed quilted
Faced with silk
Softly stuffed eider down
Take refuge in pleasure
Just give me your future
We’ll forget your past
Oh mother of pearl
Submarine lover
In a shrinking world
Oh lonely dreamer
Your choker provokes
A picture cameo
Oh mother of pearl
So so semi-precious
In your detached world
Oh mother of pearl
I wouldn´t trade you
For another girl
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